photo 293e0246-fa96-4189-abf4-af4b63c97d60_zps650ca9d9.png

“‘All I Can’ is an enjoyable synth pop production that features modern production techniques, Bagnall’s sugary-sweet vocals, and a chorus almost impossible to get out of your head.”

   photo 7e5be7cf-f8ef-45b0-b6e0-f4345b586b92_zps8c2c5b7f.png

"It’s simply sodden with romantic yearning and the kind of tender balladry that rends chest cavities asunder. It’s a beautiful coalescence of stunning vocal delivery and unmatched production."

  photo 35394f31-1d3c-4caa-aeb3-e9cc173837a3_zps62370e98.png

"MØ had a truly breakout year with her debut album of indie pop, No Mythologies to Follow. So much so that she’s extended her big summer tour across America through the fall. Here, she gives a window into behind-the-scenes life on the road.”

  photo 6635bfb7-39d4-4337-8e43-ea9c38ec2d1a_zps693ec19b.png

"The style, grace, and wardrobes present in the video seem to come from another planet. It makes it all so exotic and yet still intimate, slow motion kicks and all. Watch this twice. Then watch it again."

  photo 9e5ea1bd-3c07-4c03-89a0-0b59898c6032_zps59850393.png

“‘Till Sunrise’ is all about fantasy and what-ifs, and for me this video captures that dream perfectly.” -Goldroom

  photo 9de41f85-a7a1-4357-a9f3-37ced687dd16_zps46284e5c.png

No Mythologies to Follow is an indie-pop manifesto that combines Ørsted’s past wanderings into a single youthful and vibrant journey. Live, she summons her punk upbringing for electrifying results, complete with dancing, air punches, and ponytail whips.”

  photo d464fe1b-9eac-4500-829f-fbc2513baa2d_zps0cd2e614.png

"Liz Nistico and Louie Diller, first burst upon the scene last year with their debut single “Happy With Me.” Since then they have turned their tunes into attitude-filled, upbeat jams for the masses."

  photo 6fb55450-2576-4e3f-816e-f1f2e86dc2a1_zps1053b1cb.png

"A feeling can never be perfect and recreating a feeling can never be perfect. It’s a moment and that’s what you want to show with your music. That’s where I become very focused on catching something that’s perfect."

    photo a980aa7c-fcdc-4841-9423-53abdadf9b09_zpseb2e110f.png

“‘Better Off’ is a joyful, feel-good foot-stomper […] totally danceable and fun.”

photo 42f5d498-da0d-4918-941d-4c6c1c4ea9d8_zpsd0115505.png

"This mix of “Maiden” is darkly haunting with gothic overtones […] a slow-burner jam destined to soundtrack a future film noire montage."

  photo 1d917f23-da57-4bd2-a2de-8298bc36dee3_zpsc6f61124.png

"It mixes the carefree attitude of Holychild, endearing quirks of tUnE-yArDs and sweet choral melodies of San Fermin. That’s a fine combination if we’ve ever heard one."

  photo 928f6ab6-0eb1-4a2a-be3b-5b9e6bced578_zps8f7fa425.png

"The single tiptoes between R&B and oozy pop stylings, giving you a lush atmosphere of which to sway and groove. It is both energetic and hazy, like the euphoric moment when you are out of work and on your own."

  photo 485ca97f-c688-4545-afd0-c547ec1cad56_zps8513dfdf.png

"The end result is something worthy of a classic rock radio station, mixed in between The Dead, Joplin and Hendrix. The best part is, these guys are still alive and kicking, ready to keep rolling out overwhelmingly memorable songs for the foreseeable future."

  photo 36c5b487-230c-46d4-a1af-1bab93091099_zpscfbff171.png

"Anthony Ferraro’s complex, harmonious compositions come as no surprise. Yet his melancholic, echoing vocals and layered beats still manage to add a refreshing twist to his band Astronauts, etc.’s new EP, Sadie. A six-track compilation that could only be described as celestial, with a steady groove of soaring synth, grounding percussion, held together by a string of emotional piano chords."

  photo 57bb998e-13e2-468f-b906-99dc3c64f0ac_zps44bcd906.png

"The fitfully romantic Darling Anonymity is one of the sunniest tracks this band has yet produced. And a little bit of sun looks good on them."

  photo c96ee6d1-cfa2-41f3-8b33-34c461936ea0_zps575b82ab.png

"MY BODY’s sound is a concoction of sweet, sultry and sassy and we love every single second of it. Basically, we wish we could be as cool as Jordan Bagnall and Darren Bridenbeck."