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"It eludes easy classification, pulling from pop, psych-rock, and Ferraro’s classical background to craft something melancholic and smart. Beautifully and simply written […] “Gravity” never feels like a collision of incongruous parts."

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"The song’s energetic instrumentation is a catchy and clever masquerade for [upcoming album ‘Sitcom Afterlife’]’s reflective and deep lyrical material, a trait which runs through Frontier Ruckus’ music overall."

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"Brothers Tobi and Chris immigrated from Nigeria to Toronto in 2001, and in 2010 started making music under the name Sprawlhunt […] Today, tune into their latest offering "Nassau Bet," the dark-toned thumper with multi-layered production and skillful flow."

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"The track largely maintains its hip hop meets golden age gospel feel but Igloo finesses the production, giving it a slow clap alt-R&B beat and hints of chillstep."

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"You have to admit, there’s something about that raw guitar music that disappeared with the decade. Enter Street Joy. Their latest track […] channels The White Stripes, Spoon and The Hives in a way that gets us nostalgically giddy."

Dancing Astronaut writes:

"It’s hard to fathom any method of releasing new music that artists have yet to explore, but in the same stride of his leading position at the forefront of the chillwave, tropical style house movement, Goldroom arrives again in hopes of invoking a fresh reaction."

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"Be warned: This track is basically what would happen if gospel Elvis decided to mess around with hip-hop.  Hallelujah, Mama."

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"Keeping the heat fully intact from their earlier offerings, “Every Moment” is an R&B slowburner that sinks in like a brooding hybrid of Jaymes Young and The Neighbourhood on a comedown."

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"Astronauts, Etc. blend the visceral and rhythmic-oriented with more romantic/dreamy textures; a classic push-pull dynamic of the earthy and the divine. “Fuss”, as a song, is terrific and especially precise in its (and given its disparate stylstic elements not so easy) pinpoint cohesion of arrangement."

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"[M o t h e r is] an R&B project injected with 80’s synth pop, electronic steroids, and countless packs of hand-rolled cigarettes. […] "Victim" tackles originality and abstract stylings, eliciting the emotions of a video that you shouldn’t be watching."


"Building on their classic 90s nostalgia sound, the Michigan outfit dishes some upbeat folk-rock here while vocalist Matthew Milia sings of times past and passing like a peppy Conor Oberst."

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Inviting an artist known for a larger-than-life stage presence and erratic-nearing-on-spastic (in a good way) dance moves to play a stripped-down set in a confined space is a recipe for disaster. And yet [MØ] manages to translate the explosive energy of her band’s live show to this exclusive performance of her song “Pilgrim””