photo 9e80cfcd-1e62-4c1a-abd0-acaa25f9f00f_zps3d9bffef.png

"Earlier this month, the Museum of Modern Art hosted a Sunday night rager […] the real draw to the dance party came courtesy of LA duo Holychild, who singlehandedly transformed the event into the coolest Sunday night ever."

 photo ecf030e7-19f2-4968-aa40-ef43608da82d_zps75d6478a.png

"Their newest single [is] a quickshot two-and-a-half minute track that tackles the low-end fury of sludge and doom with gleeful impatience. The trio never even consider holding back on it for a second, making sure every guitar strum is a slash, and every word a shriek that will rattle through your skull."

  photo 75978ded-1e68-429f-b1e3-5ed5aea635b9_zps32c0380c.png

"In need of a mix for your ride to Coachella tomorrow? Danger Village‘s Beth Martinez has got you covered."

 photo f6e9f5a5-3992-40ae-9e8a-73a2108e3e41_zpsa4872484.png

"With its rattling retro-pop and distorted guitar licks dancing with insistent percussion, it’s another bullet of swagger that is delivered with impressive finesse. From the first snare drum roll to the thrilling buildup for the intoxicating guitar solo in the last quarter of the song, the track is downright slinky."

 photo 5beaf813-cbd7-471e-a757-f6c1f05dcf84_zps7a21bdd2.png

"Stocked with slow-burning beats and a smokey, soulful vibe, these guys sound like a twisted mashup of London Grammar-meets-Lorde with extra electronic inflections."

 photo 162e5083-d8e6-4573-89b9-7d4cbf89e955_zps9cc9f38b.jpg

"Slow-building, "I’ll Keep Coming" takes it time to build, climax, and fall. Its enveloping darkness is emphasized through humming synth, experimental percussion, and echoed vocals."

  photo 3ec190fa-f099-4cd7-8f20-f3681051e962_zps777ffe06.png

"With a voice sounding something of a cross between Lana Del Rey, Lorde and Florence Welch, the singer particularly stands out on "Pilgrim," as well as "Slow Love," a sexy, mellow track that a person can imagine hearing while floating on a cloud."

Check out the playlist below.


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"It’s got a retro sound with just enough of a modern twist that it could see them catapulting into the upper echelon of alternative in no time flat."

 photo 716e8029-31d1-4d87-95a0-f78f7b63b0bb_zpsf1d589c0.png


photo 52929c09-5600-4633-970b-ab9501c5052a_zps878a5357.png

Goldroom.    photo e431ae87-5d97-4547-9727-53b0d349cc2e_zps21149440.png

holychild.  photo 4c450c79-ad09-45fa-bd51-424298f408aa_zpsb4a0ffe0.png

  photo 1fcd6ce7-cd29-4805-9504-107c83d90b33_zps6b7bd21a.png

Check out holychild’s latest single, “Every Time I Fall,” below.

 photo 953dc77f-3f19-4791-ad74-2000b73b9ad4_zps84a51776.png

Check out MØ’s cover of the Spice Girls hit “Say You’ll Be There” below.

 photo a2ac1689-38ab-4bb1-847a-b8d2603262ce_zps666d4a41.jpg

"Baby In Vain […] play doom-laden stoner-rock that has me scooping my jaw off the floor within seconds of walking in. The lead guitarist, Lola Hammerich, is not only possessed of a badass name, but she can play like a motherfucker, casually tossing out big-balled riffs that would cause Tony Iommi to question his manliness. I can’t urge you enough to check these girls out."



SXSW 2014 in Polaroids

I was there for some of these shots and some babes are also on this. Liz & Louie- still so sad I didn’t get to see them.

awwww my babies!

(via yvynyl)

 photo a8238e6e-1054-4420-9851-4d4e4ca80e20_zpse7f31e66.png

"Danish electro-pop singer Karen Marie Ørsted, aka MØ, is on the brink of breaking big."

   photo 54a71d74-7729-4823-b1fe-4dd83376faa6_zpsf1411779.png

"It’s been a while since "girl power" was the catchphrase of choice in pop music, but MØ is ready to bring it back."