photo ec65566d-3575-4452-b845-c3b58e33c66c_zps42f7f38b.png

"Astronauts, Etc. blend the visceral and rhythmic-oriented with more romantic/dreamy textures; a classic push-pull dynamic of the earthy and the divine. “Fuss”, as a song, is terrific and especially precise in its (and given its disparate stylstic elements not so easy) pinpoint cohesion of arrangement."

  photo cf5a88a8-d103-4937-a873-c4975d91366c_zps719d52c3.png

"[M o t h e r is] an R&B project injected with 80’s synth pop, electronic steroids, and countless packs of hand-rolled cigarettes. […] "Victim" tackles originality and abstract stylings, eliciting the emotions of a video that you shouldn’t be watching."


"Building on their classic 90s nostalgia sound, the Michigan outfit dishes some upbeat folk-rock here while vocalist Matthew Milia sings of times past and passing like a peppy Conor Oberst."

  photo 9a66a25b-229a-4325-a7f7-494c2c4249e2_zps43b19162.png

Inviting an artist known for a larger-than-life stage presence and erratic-nearing-on-spastic (in a good way) dance moves to play a stripped-down set in a confined space is a recipe for disaster. And yet [MØ] manages to translate the explosive energy of her band’s live show to this exclusive performance of her song “Pilgrim””

  photo 77dc7683-a0be-4484-ab84-bb4863e3f4d3_zps909a3cc6.png

"This stunning collection of 13 songs, such as the irresistibly lush "I’m Leaving" or the seductive "Vampire On My Fridge," are masterpieces in subtle evocative power. These are tracks that build, slowly gaining momentum with lilting melodies and waves of percussion, all topped off with Karazija’s mellow croon."

  photo 62c608d5-3276-4354-8334-8dc1fa270ed1_zpsffb92dc0.png

"[Sprawlhunt] mix their passion of ’60s and ’70s rock and punk with a lyrical flow creating an all-out attack on the listener […] [‘Cut/Patterns’] fully showcases their spectrum of influences and versatility musically with promise ahead for the project."

  photo c63c33cb-5836-4ed5-955d-e3687b0129a2_zps03454d42.png

"The best anonymous artists don’t just wear masks. They leave you wanting to rip it from their faces. While ArchiveX‘s disguise is a proverbial one, his debut offering “Pilgrim Of Sorrow” leaves us hungry for more from this mystery man"

  photo f69eed00-9868-4adb-9513-194e8be420bb_zps4e4818b1.png

"“Vampire on My Fridge” has string arrangements that would make Sigur Rós proud. Add in a hypnotic, clanging percussion, and Karazija’s lilting tenor and you’ve got an enticing teaser to Low Roar’s latest creation."

  photo 723660be-6344-4e0d-950c-27c698f8a9a5_zpsba779ca3.png

"Directing the GUNAKADEIT video was such an amazing experience. The song is so cool and interesting, so I was really inspired to create art alongside it. I listened to it three times and then saw the entire thing. I really wanted to capture the world of the song: it’s like living in a dark paradise, where beauty exists but is masked by our own thoughts and inhibitions. That’s what I was attempting to show with the video, that the world is beautiful and fucked up and both are the same thing. We’re all just trying to get by and squeeze some life out of living."


 photo 9d52515a-a8f7-4f12-be44-1bf4c1cfb852_zps6b6788ce.png

Check out the video below!

 photo MOslash_Kimmel_zps6945ab0f.jpg

MØ standing on Jimmy’s desk. Photo cred: DV’s own Beth Martinez. Check out her performance of “Don’t Wanna Dance” below!

  photo 3a1e38be-7add-421b-b6b5-00e7c5f57a5c_zpsd1dbbd04.png

"The dreamy black and white clip is cool enough to have on loop for the rest of the day. Which, come to think of it, is a pretty good idea…"

  photo db145115-a5b6-42f1-8958-cd38c1d58be0_zpsfca7b4ec.png

"The retro girl group vibe, undulating cheerfulness and jangly dance beat work well for the Danish electro-pop songstress — and despite the misleading title, the song is the perfect soundtrack for a sing-into-your-hairbrush slumber party scene."

  photo 4d2e7f03-b663-422a-b0f5-07ad53df3180_zps014f4b47.png

"One of the most diverse and unique acts coming out of [Toronto] is Sprawlhunt— a rap-producer duo with an edgy punk-rock-inspired aesthetic […] ["Suede Bomber"] is indicative of the mass amount of potential Sprawlhunt has."